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Caroline Lilian Breitler was born in 1986 in canton Zug,  Switzerland. She discovered her fascination with singing as a little child.  While playing with toys, Caroline would improvise her own song melodies and lyrics.  She joined a youth choir at the age of eight.  After that, she had the chance to sing solo across the country with a choir called „Ten Sing“ when she was only 12. Between 1995 and 1998 Caroline also played the violin.  After this, she experimented also with the saxophone, but changed to guitar as she wanted to stay with singing. Some years later, she attended at teacher training college and studied German, English and Sports, but specialized in Music, her passion. For her, it is crucial to spread her joy of music to her students as well as supporting charities.

Besides the college, Caroline focused on her vocal technique and trained her voice over many years professionally.  In 2001, she took classical Vocal lessons as well as in the pop, rock and jazz genres . At the age of 16, she impressed the jury of the first broadcast Swiss Music Star show and made it to the final shows as one of the best candidates.  Her first EP with self-written songs followed.

 Afterwards, her first band „intact“ was established.  They took part in a range of contests and also had the chance to hit stages such as the Volkshaus in Zürich. Later, there followed various musical cover-arrangements such as: a duo with Mischa Podstransky „Dada ante Portas“, as a lifelong guest singer of the famous local band called „7t cover“, as the acoustic-trio „Naughty Spinsters“ with Julian von Flüe as guest, concerts with Joe Schwach and Steve Loesche „Prairie Pearls“, as front singer of the country-wide well-known partyband „Charisma“  with whose guitarist she also performs acoustically (Darko Obadic).

Since 2009 she is a member of the „Swiss Team“ that is specialized for infotainments, roadshows, gala dinners, product introductions and presentations, and travels frequently to foreign countries. With Steve Loesche, Caroline even travels quite often to the US where they play concerts with their American musicians in California.

One of her musical highlights was singing a song in the Swiss Life Arena in Geneva, where she and Anastacia  sang „One day in your life“ as a duo.  Caroline joined Marc Storage („Krokus“) and Toni Vescoli („Les Sauterelles“) as judges  for the rock voice contest.  At the end of the show, Caroline and Marc sang a duo. Currently, Caroline works together with Alessandro del Vecchio on her album which will be released soon.  Alessandro is best known for „The true vocal technique“, Frontiers Records, Ivory Music Works Studio, and the rock band „Hardline“.  He coaches Caroline's rock and country voice.



 CD`s und Shirt`s im Shop erhältlich!



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Caroline Breitler

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Bevorstehende Veranstaltungen

  • Strassenfest Affoltern am A.
    Fri, 02 Sept
    Spyre Bar Lounge
    02 Sept, 18:00 – 03 Sept, 18:00
    Spyre Bar Lounge, Zürichstrasse 78, 8910 Affoltern am Albis, Schweiz
    Yeah, wir Säuliämter haben ein Heimspiel. Kommt vorbei und rockt ab mit uns. Mit unserem neuen Album, produziert by Alessandro del Vecchio, werden wir die Strasse zum krachen bringen.
  • Strassenfest Affoltern am Albis
    Sat, 03 Sept
    Obere Bahnhofstrasse
    03 Sept, 12:00
    Obere Bahnhofstrasse, Obere Bahnhofstrasse, 8910 Affoltern am Albis, Schweiz
    Caro wird mit Nino Lentini‘s ( Caro’s Gitarrist) Schüler der Musikschule „Sound am Albis“ einen Gastauftritt zum besten geben. So habt ihr es noch nie gehört. Lasst es euch nicht entgehen.
  • Stephan Georgs Plattentaufe
    Sat, 22 Oct
    HIT Tankstelle - Dormagen, Lübecker Str.
    22 Oct, 19:00
    HIT Tankstelle - Dormagen, Lübecker Str., Lübecker Str. 1, 41540 Dormagen, Deutschland
    Nebst David Reece, ehemalig Bonfire, Stephan Georg und zahlreichen anderen Promis darf auch unsere Schweizer Senkrechtstarterin Caroline Breitler in Deutschland mit den Rockstars den Schuppen zum Beben bringen.
  • CD Taufe
    Sat, 05 Nov
    05 Nov, 14:00
    ACTIONWORLD, Bachstrasse 27, 8912 Obfelden, Schweiz
    Caro stellt die neue heavy n‘ rocking CD mit ihrer Band vor. Dies im Actionworld in Obfelden, wo alle zu jederzeit, sei es gar während dem Soundcheck, willkommen sind. Opulent, energisch und so eingängig, dass der Jungen Dame mit ihrem Gesangstalent aufmerksam zugehört wird. Kommt vorbei.
  • Season Kick Off
    Wed, 11 Jan
    Radisson Blu Hotel, Lucerne
    11 Jan 2023, 18:00 – 22:00
    Radisson Blu Hotel, Lucerne, Lakefront Centre, 6005 Luzern, Schweiz
    Caroline singt wieder mit dem Swiss Team im Radisson Blu in Luzern, um das Jahr zu starten.
  • Winterzauber
    Sat, 21 Jan
    21 Jan 2023, 18:00
    Bazenheid, Bazenheid, 9602 Kirchberg, Schweiz
    Die Swiss Music Award Gewinner Megawatt zusammen mit der Schweizer Rockröhre Caroline Breitler werden am 21.01.23 gemeinsam mit MEGAWATT am Winterzauber Event den Schnee zum schmelzen bringen. Tickets auf www.eventfrog.ch

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